At A Glance

At a glance I have seen All the triumphs in my life. At a glance I have looked At my wrongs that could be right. At a glance I was blinded  Nearly robbed of my sight. But at a glance I could imagine That I no longer had to fight Advertisements

Opposites Of Life

You Can’t RIGHT Your Wrongs If You LEFT The Situation. You Can’t Move FORWARD If You Stepped BACK. If You Let Life Sit You DOWN and Time Still Moves, At That Point you Have Surely Given UP.

The Blind leading The Blind

There are lies being spoken, Now the truth is hard to find. Brainwashed by deception, You’ve kicked wisdom out your mind. Passing uncertainties to the next, Truth and lies they start to bind It’s a fight for what’s right, But lies they told have still out shined. Lies taking control of you, Now you’re in […]

A Poem of Silence 

‚Äč Silence is my voice, They hear not my cries or see my tears. Silence is my screams, When I am drowning deep in my fears. Silence is my steps  They do not hear when I am near. Silence is my drink As to a drunk who needs a beer. Silence is a my whispers […]

Diary Of A Gun ( PT.1 )

      Today was like any other day in Chicago. Gun shots, sirens, and loud cries. To a outsider looking in this was hell on earth. But to us, it was nothing out of the ordinary. My name is Shawn, Shawn White to be exact. I’m 20 years old and I’m just another statistic. […]