Diary Of A Gun ( PT.1 )

      Today was like any other day in Chicago. Gun shots, sirens, and loud cries. To a outsider looking in this was hell on earth. But to us, it was nothing out of the ordinary. My name is Shawn, Shawn White to be exact. I’m 20 years old and I’m just another statistic. I walk around with a gun on my hip and the world on my shoulders. That’s just the way it is if you want to survive in my city.”

You be careful out here son.” my mama said before I head out the door. See, she knows what the ugly side of the streets looked liked, being that my father was some kind of gang chief. “I’ll try ma.” I responded. I could tell my mama worried for me every time I left the house. Rather I was going to school, or going to the store, she worried. I worried for her too. Worried what she’d do without her only son, or even more so, what she’d do if she found out what her only son was doing in the streets. Since I’m speaking on it, I’ll tell you. I hustle on the streets daily with my boy Marcus. Now Marcus, he’s a humble and trustworthy dude, the type you could trust with your life. We had a lot in common. For the most part he liked money, and I liked money. It made us the perfect crime partners. “Yo, shits moving hella slow today bro. How much of that shit we got left?’ Marcus said. “About the same amount we started of with. I don’t know if they feel this shit here.” I replied. Oh did I forget to mention, Marcus was real impatient. He put a whole new meaning to the term fast money. “I think we need to move our spot, cause it’s getting real dry over here.” Marcus said, with the most serious face I’ve ever seen. ” What other spot is it? Them boys from across the tracks took over that spot on Halstead, and the Vice Lords run up the street. Looks like we stuck over here.” I replied back seriously. I knew from the look on his face that what I said wasn’t the end of this conversation. He looked back at me with a devious grin and said “well fuck it. We’ll take one of they spots then.” He couldn’t be serious. But I knew he was. And I usually tried to talk some sense into him but, things was moving slow, and one thing I learned if nothing else is, you gotta chase the money it ain’t gone chase you. So for some odd reason I replied “I’m with it if you with it.” He smiled at me and said ” Well, what we waiting on? We got all this work, and they got all the customers. Let’s get to it.” I just modded my head. I knew that this was a bad idea. I knew this would start a war that could have been avoided. But hey, sometimes you gotta be gotta take risk, and be ready for the worst.


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